Hokkaido Brewing Launch Party at Tango

In honor of our beer releasing for sale in the United States, we decided to do it right with a launch event at Tango in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 9, 2018.

We are so proud to introduce our flavor to the United States, specifically to our adoptive hometown, Philadelphia! We’ll be shipping out our Otaru Craft beers, with the Ale, Lager, White, Porter, and Stout, as well as our fruit beers like the Cherry & Berry Ale, Honey Apple Ale, Lemon Lager, Melon Ale, Peach White Ale, Pear Lager, and Yuzu Lager.

Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with us, and of course thank you to all the wonderful event staff, both from Tango and our team. A special shout out to DJ Ronnie D for doing 90’s music right, too!

Like Hokkaido Brewing Company, Tango is not easily defined. On one hand, it is an upscale asian restaurant, where they serve delicious sushi rolls, crab rangoon, and stir-fry accompanied by some of the world’s best imported beers. At the same time, professional bartenders work to create some of the most unique cocktails in the city, including a Hello Kitty cocktail made with vodka, rum, tequila, gin, and a watermelon liquor. The private karaoke lounges are icing on the cake here, where overstuffed leather couches keep you comfortable as you and your friends eat, drink, and sing to your heart’s content.